News Move to Pressable WordPress Hosting


Some time ago I was looking for a new hosting platform, my options were to remain with cloudways or move back to Plesk after they started supporting Debian 10 which uses MariaDB.

But I donít want to manage servers for the mean time and I do not want to spend much on hosting, so while doing my search I found pressable web hosting, itís a manage hosting that is owned by automattic yes the people that owns, jetpack and others.

After checking their plans, they are suitable for us here at krafty sprouts media and they speak English so it will be easy to explain things and they will understand. Donít get me wrong clouways is fine and support is ok but sometimes its hard passing a message.

While I am leaving cloudways is that they are selling a $20 server as $43 for vultr, the server is always running out of RAM and CPU this also impacts on performance as I canít run automated services like using Link whisper, yoast indexing because the dashboard becomes too slow and I have to wait for the process to finish.

Another thing is when opening multiple post to edit link whisper wonít work on some of them due to not enough resources. We still use cloudways for since pressable does not accept its kind of site.

My experience so far using pressable is GREAT, support is good, they even migrated all 6 sites themselves for FREE, and they go the extra miles to help-out with few issues that have arrived.

My displeasure is that the dashboard lacks a lot and would need some improvement, for starters you canít see the statics until you open each site, in this aspect kinsta beats it hands down. I have also noticed importing demo content from theme does not work well with the theme.

Hopefully they will improve on the platform and also keep their services GREAT. With pressable we pay $90/m for 10 WordPress install and 150, 000-page views.

The UI looks like a 2010 project hope there will be improvement in that regards soon, for now so long price is not an issue we will remain for a long time.