July, August, September, and October 2022


Sorry, I have not updated you guys for 3 months now, I have been so busy, so this update will encompass everything that happened between July, August, and October of 2022. We survived some of the updates that happened between May and July then everything changed at the end of August.

Attended the burial of my granny, and as tradition demands, I hold the head of the coffin since my dad was her first son, and he is no longer here with us to carry out the function.

The Update

We were hit by UNhelpful content update; it got worse in September with the product review and the September core update.

Majorly affected during that period was, then a few weeks later, thetechtian and wheelsinquirer lost about 30% traffic while thebingeful lost close to 70% of its traffic… Below is a screenshot from ahref.

So far, we are still being affected by the updates, from the helpful content update, the September core update, the September product review update, and now October spam update. We hope things normalise as soon as possible so we can benefit from the last Q4 months.

Some of the smaller sites also got hit by the updates.

Return to Spinupwp and Pressable

For some days, I tested spinupwp again, and for some reason, it got worse, linkwhisper was SLOW and very slow that it was almost unusable, and I can’t return cloudways since, for some reason you pay more for the server, and it still overloads and make things stop working for minutes.

So I reached out to pressable again to see if they still haven’t made SSH/SHELL available for users, and they said it’s in beta and will be activated for me; I was happy because I usually like to use XML export of WordPress, so I don’t have move with some bugs and spinupwp is using MySQL 8.0 while pressable was using MariaDB.

That was how I moved back to Pressable and did the transfer via SSH by myself, though Pressable agent Matt helped with moving thexplorion, as anything larger than 50MB fails from my end.

The Editor

With the team getting larger, the need for an editor became more pronounced, so I sent an offer for the editor position, but the person has been thinking about it for over a month now, however while we are waiting, my wife has also joined the editorial team, we need at least 3 people for this position aside myself.

That is all for the last 4 months.

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