The Permanent Merger of and

We hope to finally merge our 2 sites, and, into one bigger site. Between February and March, we did a trial with a new domain, and it worked, but the decision was reversed, and things got a lot worse.

Now we go again with a new domain name and hope to make sure the decision to have them together is permanent.

Why Merge?

Let’s be honest; things are getting hard and harder. Google updates are something else these days; you may be hit for doing nothing while those doing something get rewarded. Due to the impacts of the negative updates and other factors, we have decided that together for the 2 sites is better.

This merger will bring our traffic diversion, marketing, and promotional efforts into one direction instead of 2 sites thus reducing the focus on multiple fronts. This merger will also bring the 2 workforces together and build a bigger team.

I hope this decision is succeeds and we get better and bigger.

Kingsley Felix
Kingsley Felix
Founder of Krafty Sprouts Media, LLC. I make sure things run smoothly and as they should. Don't forget to follow me on social media.

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